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Little note from the little scanlator^^

 Before I was posting I thought about this many times and I had diected. If I don't say it clear then nobody would listen to me what I said before...
The little request was, to post the release chapter 2 days after the release day on a other site, regaedless wich page it is, even if I gave you the permission! (And it isn't just one person) Naturally those persons who took a part to release that chapter, they could post it without wait!
But some of you are to lazy to read or just a bunch of idiots... These people are for me personal the worst, who don't respect others requests!
One method how you can post the chapter on the same day as the release day is like  amy_mundo  does! She writes the chapters and by who made it and then link to the post (or the url to their site)!

The other thing are the comments I don't say you have to, but just imagine, when the first chaper were released, I had over 90' comments and now if I had luck only 10!
And now my question on you is: if you were me, who did this Scanlation and in my situation what would you feel? What would you do? But most of all, would you still have the feel like to contunue?
These points were the real reason, becuase this chapter went slower then before, and NOT becuase I start to working on that time.
Feel free to post your feelings about this, I'm glad if you do!

But I can give you a good news guys! Caus' the next chapter isn't far away anymore!
I just wait for a mail with the finish chapter!
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