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Friends Only

Since now all future releases and infos from Stupid Story and other mangas are officially loocked!
Sooner or later would that be happen, that LJ has a problem with this, so don't complain with us!
What does that mean now?
Well for all readers who stayed faithful til now (I know only those who commented at least on 3 releases!), for them it changes nothing^^
For the others I give you a simple question to answer...And this is:
Who is Joe?
Post a comment with "Screw the rules I've got the answer! Joe is..." format is everything in italic and the answer also in bold too!

EDIT: Since for maaaaaaannny members this question is "too" difficult (particularly for new user wich is naturally) Here's another question!
Just tell me who's a member in this project!
Format "Screw the rules! I've got the answer!" + the members. Everything in italic and BIG. And don't tell me now something like "I don't know who the members are" or "Where can I find it?" because there are minimum 2 places where I wrote it down! 
If something is wrong I will ignore it! 
After commenting I'll unloock the posts for you, so simple is it^^

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