sumire007 (sumire007) wrote,

No members accepting atm...

First of all thanks guys for still stucking with us for our releases, even if it's very slow atm, gomene^^;;
But since yesterday I saw a jerk named
pelageia1 is sharing my scans in many online readers!
That's why I won't accepting members requests anymore at the moment, since I can't risk that this person register in LJ with another name and has my scans!
Sorry for those who has to wait now, but the posts will remain locked until she stops to upload my scans and
So blame this person here for all this mess!
Have a nice weekend because I won't have it most of the time,  since I'm pissed off...

Edit: It seems some admins in online readers are intelligent enough to delete the chapters...Thank you!
Tags: info, scanlation

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