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Junjou Romantica S2 Uncer. Raw & other little things

Junjou Romantica S2

Perfect for this time of the year, I want to share some "little" things with you^^
First of all, for all those people out there, who is/was curious about the Uncersured Version of Junjou Romantica Seacon 2, here are they!
This are all Raw Version, just to make it clear! (Format is .avi Op/Ed .mkv)
What I can say 'bout this Version, I honestly could only find 2 diffrents (Ep. 4 and 9) Perhaps I'm reaaallly that blind...
Tell me when you find another diffrent, onegai!

The other thing is a little Drama, that was with the Dvd (I don't know what about it is...I'm only a beginer with japanese sry)
And the third is: Have you noticed the fimiliar fonts that I used on the picture? Yes that is or ARE the 2 fonts of Junjou! I realy like it!
And that is not enough! For those people who have no space on their PC (yeah, yeah I can sympathize with you guys I have a slow PC too *cries*) or simply don't want to download, I've uploaded all vids on a stream! Here is the [~link~]

Hope I have made you a good christmas present, if yes, then I've made everything right^^

One more thing to say:
All those vids are from the inet, that means I haven't saw those DvD's in real life...not yet at least!
If a video are making strange things or so, watch it online (particulary ep 3, 5 and 6 when you watch it with Qucktime). I myself haven't got any problems I took another player instant...

And please don't share this, at least not in 3 days and not without my premision! I will post this in 3 days in pages like yshare and mangafox, because of that, don't be afraid, everyone will watch those vids, soon or later.XD
And most importantly, don't ever issue as your downloads, it will brakes my heart....and second, one click and the videos are deleted! Btw it tooks me days weeks to download/upload all this things! That's another reason not to issue as yours!
The last thing is, when anyone has the original Dvd's and see that those aren't the real one, let me know, and I will apologize to disappoint you. (Because 2 diffrents are a little bit few don't you think?)

Anyways, let me stop here. I'm wishing you all again a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

byebye~ sumire007
(sry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my first language)
Episode 1[~download~]
Episode 2[~download~]
Episode 3[~download~]
Episode 4[~download~]
Episode 5[~download~]
Episode 6[~download~]
Episode 7[~download~]
Episode 8[~download~]
Episode 9[~download~]
Episode 10[~download~]
Episode 11[~download~]
Episode 12[~download~]
Drama CD[~download~]
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